The mission of Healthcare Partners for Access is to improve health outcomes for individuals living in poverty through innovative partnerships between healthcare professionals and NGOs.


How Healthcare Partners Works


Healthcare Partners works with our established network of NGO partners and advisors to understand the unmet health needs of underserved communities in the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

We facilitate collaborative dialogue between our NGO partners and healthcare companies to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and projects related to improving health outcomes. This includes field visits for project framework and goals, objectives, inputs and deliverables, evaluation metrics, project work plans and budget.


We help healthcare employees get directly involved in projects to provide meaningful patient-centric experiences and leadership development opportunities.


Healthcare Partners oversees project implementation and communication with NGO partners.



Access to Health Projects

We strive to make a positive and sustainable impact on access to health in underserved communities around the world through partnerships that combine the expertise of healthcare companies with the experience of frontline NGOs.

Access to Health Advisory Services

We advise healthcare companies on access to health strategy development and project implementation utilizing our extensive network of NGO partners in target communities including Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and the U.S.


Meaningful Experiences & Leadership Development

We help healthcare companies and their employees get involved in access to health-related projects that provide direct and meaningful patient-centric experiences and leadership development.

Why Healthcare Companies Should Get Involved

“We’re in healthcare to help the most people possible. That means making sure vital products and services are available to those who need them, around the world. Healthcare Partners for Access helps us fulfill that purpose—and makes us better companies in the process.”

Rick Moser, Divisional Vice President, Abbott


If You’re a Healthcare Company


Expand reach and make a positive and sustainable impact on access to medicines and healthcare in underserved communities and emerging markets.


Provide global perspective and leadership development for employees to build a culture of patient centricity.


Develop working networks with NGOs to improve access to health around the world. Learn about project implementation in emerging markets through skilled and experienced NGO partners.

If You’re an NGO Partner


Influence the approach, procedures and culture of some of the world’s leading healthcare companies.


Develop sustainable partnerships with highly skilled healthcare professionals.


Increase your capacity and impact through partnerships with healthcare companies.

Contact Us

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