A highly-engaged and committed network of healthcare professionals from the pharma, bio-tech and medical device industries partnering with experienced NGOs to change the lives of thousands of patients living in extreme poverty.


How Healthcare Partners Works


Healthcare Partners works with our established network of NGO partners and advisors to understand the unmet health needs of underserved communities in the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

We facilitate collaborative dialogue between our NGO partners and healthcare companies to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and projects related to improving health outcomes. This includes field visits for project framework and goals, objectives, inputs and deliverables, evaluation metrics, project work plans and budget.


We help healthcare employees get directly involved in projects to provide meaningful patient-centric experiences and leadership development opportunities.


Healthcare Partners oversees project implementation and communication with NGO partners.

Creating partnerships is at the core of what we do.

We strive to ensure that all Healthcare Partner project collaborations meet three key criteria:

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    Shared values, goals and objectives exist between healthcare companies and partnering NGOs.

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    Projects will measurably improve access to health and health outcomes in the target communities.

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    Projects will provide healthcare employees with direct and meaningful patient-centric experiences and leadership development.

Our History

Healthcare Partners began in 2012 as a group of passionate and empowered employees from healthcare companies in the Chicago area working with a local NGO, Children’s Place International, to address the healthcare needs of children and families living in extreme poverty in Chicago. Today, Healthcare Partners creates partnerships between leading healthcare companies and its extensive network of NGOs to develop and implement access to health projects in underserved communities around the world including Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

400 million

people live without access to one or more essential health services

700 million

people lack access to critical determinants of health such as clean water and basic sanitation

Who We Are

John Sweeney

Founder and Director

John has over 20 years of international management experience across Africa, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. His desire to help improve the lives of individuals living in impoverished communities began in Okondja, Gabon where John served as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since then, he’s worked in various international roles for companies and organizations like Baxter Healthcare’s International Group, Chemonics International and AID Village Clinics. In 2007, John co-founded Children’s Place International and led the design and implementation of programming in Haiti, Guyana, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. John holds an MBA from Northwestern University and speaks French fluently.

John has over 20 years of international management experience across Africa, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.

Micol Werner

Assistant Director

Micol has over 12 years of international management experience including living and working in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Europe. She joined Children’s Place International in 2017, where she manages partnerships in support of children and families in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.  Prior to joining, she worked for TechnoServe, a non-profit providing business solutions to poverty in Mozambique and Madagascar. She also worked for six years with Abbott and subsequently AbbVie in sales and marketing and as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.  Micol holds a Masters in Biochemical Engineering, and an MBA from Stanford University. She speaks French, Portuguese and Spanish fluently.

Micol has over 12 years of international management experience including living and working in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Europe. 

“Healthcare Partners for Access allows healthcare companies and members a chance to make a difference in the lives of others, which is largely the reason we work in healthcare.”

Pere Berkowitz, Senior Director, Fresenius Kabi

Advisors and Partners

Dr. Chris Reddick
Vice President, R&D Access to Medicines, Takeda 

Cathy Krieger
President and CEO, The Children’s Place Association

Dr. Gary Harper
Professor, University of Michigan School of Public Health

John Capati
Regional Director for Southern Africa, American International Health Alliance

Kgomotso Nana Sejoe
Executive Director, Marang Childcare Network Trust, Botswana

Tim Koenig
Vice President, Navicor

Dr. Wesler Lambert
Deputy Executive Director, Partners in Health, Haiti

Dr. James McAuley
Clinical Director, Whiteriver Indian Hospital 

Rick Moser
Corporate Vice-president, Abbott Laboratories

Tina Eddy
Vice President, Fresenius Kabi

Pere Berkowitz
Senior Director, Fresenius Kabi

Brad Dunlap
Vice President, Managing Director, Healthcare, dunn&co.